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We are The Fort Oglethorpe Battlefield Investigators.   We have been a team officially since August 2, 2009.   We have investigated with many groups and have been many places over the years.   We have have been to many homes and businesses.  We have hit the majority of the Big places in the south east.   We have been seen teaching at ConNooga, ChattaCon, YamaCon, SciFi SummerCon and various Metaphysical festivals as well. 

We are here to help and to satisfy our own curiosity.  If you have a question or need help simply ask.  Nothing is to strange.

We are redoing our website so bear with us as we update it.  Thank you.

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When things get to rough for even us.  We have friends to call on.

Wheatland's Plantation is in McMinn County, Tennessee.  It is the ancestral home of our Co Founder Ernest Douglas Nichols.  The family that lived and died their are family to him.  Please go by and enjoy yourself.  The Caretakers have done a wonderful job. 



We recived this February 2, 2012 

A few other groups some of our members belong to.

Our Team

Ernie Nichols  - Clairvoyant    - Co-Founder
Eddie Morgan - Historical Researcher - Co-Founder
Dana  Walerski - Case manager
Stephen Drew   - Medium                                     Harrison Drew  -  In Training                                       Jesse Graham   - Equipment Manager
Nathan Nichols - Researchers

MUFON's mission statement is “The scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity.” In recent years MUFON has also used a more broad statement of its objectives, which is, "The systematic collection and analysis of UFO data, with the ultimate goal of learning the origin and nature of the UFO phenomenon." Both of these statements summarize what MUFON is all about.
The Georgia Bigfoot Society is an organization of close knit members who are dedicated to a quest for knowledge about and understanding of the Sasquatch, an indigenous race of beings who are now known to be of human descent. We are firm in our belief that the best way of gaining an understanding of these beings is by respectful interaction with them in their natural environment. Consequently, we are adamantly opposed to the killing or capturing of these beings. Whatsmore, we are united in our efforts to affect universal recognition of the Sasquatch as a people, and to accord to them the same human rights that are due to such beings.

K. Steven Monk
Director, Georgia Bigfoot Society
Jasper, Georgia

Teams we support.  Most of these groups are teams that make up the backbone of what we call the Paranormal Posse.  We have investigate with them and they us.  A few teams are ones that other than talking to we have not met, but we support them and their efforts.

Ghost Investigators for Tennessee (G.I.F.T.) A Paranormal Team that is both a scientific and Metaphysical group whose mission is to help people who are experiencing a haunting.

Located in Chattanooga, TN, SEPS is dedicated to serving those in and around our area in all areas of paranormal claims, whether it be business or residential or even historical. (And yes, sometimes we visit graveyards. Hey, it's where we started!)
We have a passion for bringing Light to all those who need it. Our mission is to use this Light to help those dead or alive to find peace and healing. It is our promise to you to help cleanse your home and your loved ones and bring you true peace within.
Sweetwater Paranormal Research is a Christian group out of Monroe County, Tennessee. 
Research Into the Paranormal is an organization in Eastern TN dedicated to helping people understand paranormal activity, myths and legends, and learn about how the folklore of the area and the energies of the dead affect the living.
Ghost Hunter Chattanooga is a locally operated tour company in Chattanooga, specializing in Paranormal Ghost Hunting Expeditions. Join the Hunt Masters, experienced paranormal investigators as they guide you through some of Chattanooga's most haunted locations! All investigation equipment and training is provided on your adventure.  The run the Ghost Tours at Hales Bar Dam

The North American Paranormal Research Team is made up of a group of individuals dedicated to the study of the paranormal.

NAPRT has partnered with Wheatlands Plantation to host private paranormal investigations for groups that are interested in the paranormal.  For details regarding availability and rates, contact Wheatlands Plantation  at  (865) 365-1052  or check out their website  Wheatlandsplantation.org